Our Story

"To say this venue is a labor of love would be quite the understatement. The venue's property is cozied up next to sister's, Madlyn Lackey and Natalie Craven's, parent's homestead where Madlyn, Natalie, and their brother Clay were raised.

Their parents, Lisa and Lowry Craven, have been the most integral piece of making the dream of Dove Hollow Estate come to fruition. Their unwavering physical and emotional support has made this dream become reality. Dove Hollow was designed and created with the realization of the demand for a new and fresh style that meets the needs of the modern bride, but still accommodates the shabby-chic rustic bride. Dove Hollow is a blank slate where couples with different tastes can make the space their own for their special day, and that truly makes this venue stand apart. 

This barn is 100% the vision of owners, Madlyn and Natalie. They are not only sisters, but are the working women behind Dove Hollow Estate and their utmost priority is to cater to each bride's individual needs to ensure each wedding is unique and a complete success. Contact us -- to learn more and book your tour today. We'd love to show you around the estate!"