Frequently asked Questions

Do you require any specific vendors?

Yes. The only vendor we require that you use is either Pour Me or Serve 'Em Up for your bartending services. You can find their information on our preferred vendors tab.

Do you require security?

If you have alcohol at your wedding, security is required. We will set this up for you, though. A family member or friend just needs to pay the officer at the beginning of the reception. It is $35 per hour.

How many guests can you hold?

We have enough tables and chairs to hold 225 guests, but some seating would have to be on the covered porch so there is room for the DJ, bar, cake table, gift table, etc. The barn comfortably seats 200 guests for an indoor reception.

Are there any hidden costs?

Nope! The only other payment we require other than the initial deposit and final payment are two checks, each for $500, that cover a damage and time overage deposit. You will give these to us at your 30 day meeting, but they are not “cashed” unless there is a damage to the barn or you are still cleaning up after midnight.

Can I have my rehearsal or rehearsal dinner at Dove?

We hold weddings every day of the week, so there may be a wedding the night before yours. Therefore, we only allow 1 hour rehearsals Monday-Thursday the week of your wedding, or you can rehearse the morning of your wedding at the barn. If you would prefer to have your rehearsal the Friday before your Saturday wedding, please look in to our 3 day wedding package on the pricing tab.

Do you provide any décor or linens?

At this time, we do not. Check out our preferred vendors tab to view some rental options.